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Usb redirection and remote desktop in Windows RT

If you need to pass your usb port though to your remote session in Windows RT use the desktop version of remote desktop.  Set the options there.  These same settings will carry over to the modern UI remote desktop app.


How to enable remote apps in Windows 8 and Windows RT

I am using the Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows RT.  I have some apps that I need to run on a more powerful desktop at home.  Such as Visual Studio, since I am working on some Windows 8 apps.

Why not VDI and Remote App on Windows 8.  Here is a primer on what VDI is from Microsoft 

There was some windows settings and registry hacking to get Windows 8 to be a Remote App server.  Let me show you what I did to get this working.

1.  Setup a Windows 8 Enterprise computer.  In my setup, this is running in Parallels on a iMac
2.  Disable the firewall in Windows 8 for all networks.
3.  Enable Remote Desktop connections

4.  Install the applications you need to be presented via Remote App in Windows 8.  In my case this was Visual Studio, and Office 2013
5.  Open up regedit and go to this key, [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\TSAppAllowList]
6.  Change the DWORD fDisabledAllowList to 1.  The default is 0
7.  Add a new key called Applications
8.  Under the Applications key add a key for each application your going to present via Remote App.

9.  Under each application key, create two string values.  One called Name and the other called Path.  Complete those strings with the name of the app and the correct path.
10.  You now need to create the RPD connection file for the client.  There is an app to take care of this.  This app does not run on Windows 8, but I did have luck getting it to run on Windows 7.  So I have another machine with Window 7.  The app is called RemoteApp tool,  Your just going to use this tool to create the RPD file.  The apps your going to present though Remote App will be installed on Window 8.
11.  On the Window 7 machine, run the RemoteApp tool and configure the application name, patt and remote app settings as shown.  The full name field should match the name you have in the name string in the registry.

12.  Save the RPD file.
13.  You should now be able to connect.  Move these RPD files over to your Surface.
14.  See the video for the action.

Update.  You should set your timeout limits for disconnected clients to 1 min.  As when you disconnect from an app, this will continue to run.  Fire up Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 8 and change the time limit for disconnected sessions, under computer configurations/administrative templates/windows components/remote desktop services/remote desktop session host